Compassionate Homemaking and Companionship - Enhancing Daily Life in North Haven

Bringing Comfort and Friendship to Your Home

MB Home Care is dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors in North Haven through our Homemaker and Companion Care services. We understand the importance of a well-kept home and the value of companionship, especially for those who spend most of their time at home. Our homemaking services are designed to maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable living environment, while our companion care focuses on social interaction and engagement.

Our professional caregivers are not just homemakers; they are companions who take the time to truly connect with our clients. Whether it's engaging in conversation, participating in hobbies, or accompanying them on outings, our caregivers are committed to bringing joy and companionship to our clients' lives. This holistic approach to care helps to alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation, promoting a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Key Aspects of Our Homemaker and Companion Services

  • Regular housekeeping tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and organizing.
  • Meal preparation, ensuring nutritious and enjoyable meals.
  • Grocery shopping and errands to maintain household necessities.
  • Engaging in social activities and hobbies for mental stimulation.
  • Providing companionship through conversation and shared interests.
  • Accompanying clients to appointments and social outings.
  • Medication reminders to maintain health and wellness.
  • Monitoring and reporting changes in the client’s condition.
  • Encouraging light exercise and movement for physical well-being.
  • Offering emotional support and a friendly presence in daily life.

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