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My name is Lauren and I am the owner of MB Home Care LLC. I named the agency after my two daughters, Madelyn and Brielle. My career began in insurance where I really took an interest in life and health insurance. I applied this interest by moving into the health industry, and eventually decided to open my own home care agency. I take pride in educating my clients and their families when it comes to caring for their loved ones; if it is your first time making decisions on how to care for a friend or family member it can be overwhelming. I look forward to taking the time to answer any questions you may have to make this process as seamless as we can for everyone involved.

Our Mission

At MB Home Care, we are deeply committed to providing exceptional and compassionate home care services to the senior community of North Haven, CT. Our mission revolves around the core principle of enhancing the quality of life for our elderly clients while maintaining their dignity and independence. We strive to offer personalized care that caters to the unique needs of each individual, ensuring a comfortable and safe living environment within their own homes.

Our team of dedicated caregivers, including PCAs, HHAs, and CNAs, are not just professionals but passionate individuals who believe in creating a positive impact in the lives of those they serve. We emphasize ongoing training and development to stay abreast of the latest in senior care. By integrating innovative approaches and heartfelt care, our goal is to be a beacon of trust and excellence in the home care industry, making a significant difference in the lives of seniors and their families.

Our Vision

The vision of MB Home Care is to set a benchmark in the home care sector, where quality, compassion, and professionalism intersect to provide unparalleled service. We envision a future where every senior in North Haven, CT, has access to the highest standard of home care, enabling them to lead dignified, independent, and joyful lives in their familiar surroundings.

Our vision extends beyond just meeting the immediate needs of our clients; we aim to be a resource and advocate for the elderly community. This includes fostering strong relationships with our clients and their families, offering peace of mind and assurance that their loved ones are in capable hands. We aspire to continually evolve and adapt, integrating the latest advancements in elder care while upholding our commitment to empathy and respect. Ultimately, our vision is to transform the perception of senior care, demonstrating that it is not just about assistance, but about enriching lives and nurturing the spirit of our cherished elderly community.

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We’ve got answers. Browse our FAQs to learn more about our services and how we can assist your loved ones.

Unlike most agencies, our caregivers will come to your home for as little as a two hour visit. This works for those who may just need morning and/or evening assistance with breakfast and getting up and ready for the day, or help with dinner and getting ready for bed at night.

There is a discounted rate for a couple if they both need personal care assistance. If they just need help around the house with daily tasks such as breakfast, laundry, medication reminders, etc. then it is the normal hourly rate that it would be for one individual.

A live-in caregiver is the best option when you or your loved one requires more than 10 hours of care per day. They are able to help during the day as well as at night as long as they have 8 hours of sleep, 5 of those hours uninterrupted. They will need their own room and are provided meals by the client/family. If you have more specific questions, we would be happy to answer those with a phone call or in person meeting.

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